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We should read before this weekend. It appears heals and DPS are going to be crucial.


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Or better yet, for when RPGexpert is down

This is a complete guide to the instanced zone Inktu'ta, the Unmasked Chapel. To reach this zone the raid must already have access to Qvic. In addition, the instance can only be opened while Cynosure Kvanjji is down.

Resists are a must here, so use everything you can to get people as high as possible. Use all the spells, songs, potions, or tribute you can get to make this happen.

The raid has several large events, plus other problems to deal with along the way. General raid progression looks something like this:

1. Nijacka the Scourge and friends
Nijacka the Scourge can be particularly nasty with AE spells and rampage but drops the same Muramite armor pieces as the M'shas in Qvic, but also has a chance of dropping shielding augments. The goal here is to clear out all the doomchanters and prophets as quickly as possible to make your way to Kelekdrix's room. Don't worry so much about rezzing and rebuffing and focus all damage on the mobs. You'll have time for rez and buff soon enough.

2. Kelekdrix, Herald of Trushar
Kelekdrix, Herald of Trushar is next. Kelekdrix does not aggro until you speak to him and begin his event. Take the raid and park it behind Kelekdrix's throne. Do all the rezzing and buffing that needs to happen from the initial clearing here.

Clear out all the mobs in the room, then start the event. Kelekdrix will go live and other mobs will spawn. The Watchers and Ushers of Kelekdrix aren't particularly nasty, but cast an AE direct damage spell for 4k called Temple Avalanche. Get these mobs dead as quickly as possible when they spawn to keep damage on the raid lower. The Watchers and Ushers will shadowstep around the room as they are damaged, so keep DPS focused on them to prevent them from AEing further on the raid. When these are killed, focus DPS back on Kelekdrix.

During the event the raid will likely also be hit with Dark Inferno and Sleetstorm. These two DoTs are curable, so be sure people announce when they have them and which is on them so they can be cured quickly.

A couple of things to note is that if anyone moves further north in Kelekdrix's room than the pillars near where the raid came in, there is the possibility of aggro from mobs in the hall. Also at the end of the red carpet on the east side of the room is a pit drop, so make sure people know to not fall down. In addition, the ordinary doomchanters and other trusik that were already in the room may respawn.

During the event, Kelekdrix may banish players. Set up a mage to CoH people back to the raid instead of having them run back, pulling more mobs with them.

When Kelekdrix is dead, a pile of bones will spawn containing your loot.

3. Mimezpo the Oracle
Take your time before running to the end of the red carpet and into the next area. Down the pit you'll find Mimezpo the Oracle and more trusik. This area is much like the first area, and Mimezpo drops the same loot as Nijacka, but mobs will likely aggro the raid instantly once people drop through the carpet. Make sure the raid is fully rezzed and buffed and ready for this. There is no urgency to getting to this part of the raid, so call a break if you want also.

The two clay golems to the east need to be pulled and killed but the two to the north don't have to be bothered with if the raid sticks to the south wall.

4. Neverending Stonemites
After you kill the two clay golems, you'll find that behind the door are stonemites. A lot of stonemites. Other than traps setting off the stonemites, there is an event to be completed. The stonemites themselves have relatively low HP, so use F8 to target and kill.

In this area you'll find trusik exiles that ramble incoherently about the stonemites in four rooms. The raid needs to be split into four parts, with each part having at least 10 players.

Once these four 10-player groups are placed in the rooms with the exiles, one person needs to be selected from each group. This person needs to make a hotkey with this in it:

/say awaken me from this nightmare

When called by the leader, all four players must target the exile and press this key as close to simultaneously as possible. If the player fails to press the key with the exile targetted, a flood of stonemites will spawn and kill that group.

If all goes well, a door will unlock.

5. Golems
The long stairway down to the next area is lined by golems. These golems are close enough together that many will aggro when attacked. Find a place to set up the raid that is convenient enough to pull to, then have your pullers work to bring as few as possible at a time to the raid.

Each golem is fairly tough, and will AE rampage often. If the best that can be done is to pull two or three at a time, then have multiple tanks ready to separate them so that AE rampage doesn't hit the raid by more than one golem at once.

Nothing else significant happens here other than clearing the staircase of golems.

6. Cursecallers
You'll reach a large room with an NPC to talk to, as well as untargetable mobs around the room in front of coffins. The event begins by talking to the NPC. Once started, the mobs around the room will go live one at a time counter-clockwise as each is killed. These mobs are not particularly difficult in themselves and the only real thing to be dealt with is a curable root that they cast.

The difficulty in this event is that once started, trusik mobs will spawn with a player already targeted. This mob will begin moving towards the player, and the player is informed in yellow text that it is coming. If the mob reaches the player, it will death touch the player and then despawn.

The usual tactic is when a player receives the yellow text, they run around the room along the walls counter-clockwise. Clerics then also run around the outside of the room rezzing all the dead. Only a few death touch mobs will be up at any given time, so if players are evading them, no more spawn to kill the rest of the raid.

Once all six Cursecallers are dead, the remaining death touch mobs will despawn. The final encounter is next, and no more mobs will spawn in the Cursecaller's room. Get the raid fully rezzed, buffed, and ready.

7. Noqufiel
Open the door and get the raid just inside. There are a number of things to know about this event.

You'll see that there are two Noqufiels in the room. As the raid attacks them, these will change into True Image of Noqufiel and Mirror Image of Noqufiel. If a player is still attacking the Mirror Image, it will cast an AE for 4k of direct damage. Players have roughly three seconds to notice the change and quit attacking.

After more damage, these forms will respawn into the original two Noqufiels and are blurred. Begin again attacking them and watch for the change, and get off the Mirror Image as it changes.

This event is complicated by the problem that the same death touch mobs that spawned around the Cursecallers also spawn during the Noqufiel event. Set aside a few players to kill these mobs. They have somewhat low HP and only attack their targets. When a player receives the yellow text, they can choose to try to run around Noqufiel's room to evade the mob until it's killed, although the crew killing the death touch mobs will have to announce in /rsay when a player is clear to return to the raid. However, Noqufiel's room is so small that it may not be worth bothering trying to evade them.

Noqufiel will banish players to just outside the room. Have someone sit at the door and click it open from the inside as needed.

Many raids can't sustain the amount of damage needed to kill Noqufiel in one pass. Between the death touch mobs and the mana and endurance required for the kill, most raids need a break to rez and buff and regain mana and endurance. To accomplish this, the raid pulls the True Image as close to the door as possible and uses every bit of mana or disciplines remaining to cause enough damage to it to have it respawn as the ordinary Noqufiel. At this point the mob will be blurred and the remaining raid will be out of aggro range. Noqufiel regenerates somewhat quickly, and needs to be engaged again as soon as possible.

- Completing Txevu access
Upon Noqufiel's death, a number of piles of bones will spawn containing a Splinter of the High Temple. This piece is turned in to Brevik Kalaner in Abysmal Sea along with your Sliver from Ikkinz and Fragment from Uqua for your new Cypher of Txevu.

The entrance to Txevu is on the west side of the zone at the top of a long set of stairs. Click the statue with your Cipher on your cursor. The Cipher is then added to your keyring.


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