Theatre of Blood Guide.

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Edited by Omegga with strategy updates.

[ ] Skylance 1: The Library
[ ] Skylance 2: The Obuliette
[ ] Skylance 3: The Laboratory

[ ] Turn Tarnished Chime into Ao the Fourth Born in arcstone and receive Harmonic Chime
[ ] Turn Harmonic Chime to Arch Mage Galsin in arcstone and recieve Silent Harmonic Chime

[ ] Ro 1: The Key to the Past
[ ] Ro 2: Burning Princes
[ ] Ro 3: Message from the Past (Receive 70 aura Spell/Trap)

[ ] Rage 1: Saga Skins (this is one of two ways to access the 70 spell)
[ ] Rage 2: Become the Vessel <---only one person needs to do this to get the samples of corruption mission for a group.
[ ] Talk to Oathmir, follow the text and do the quest Sample of Corruption.

after thats done you can

[ ] Hand Oathmir Silent Harmonic Chime and recieve Twisted Chime
[ ] Turn Twisted Chime into Arch Mage Galsin and receive Twisted Chime
[ ] Turn Twisted Chime into Queen Tak'Yaliz and recieve Twisted Harmonic Chime
[ ] Turn Twisted Harmonic Chime into Arch Mage Galsin and recieve Twisted Harmonic Chime (diff ID) and AA Harmonic

Info on the parts:
Get these missions from Ao the Forth Born in arcstone. the zonein to them is close to the dervish/wind guys in arcstone.

Mission 1: "The Library"
Go in, follow the guy to the room and send someone down to talk to Student Joban. evac him or coth him back (suggest a rogue for doing this part if possible)

The key text for the mission update is "both halves"

Clear all Librarian mobs.

Clear to the right platform and kill named. Every 20% one of the books comes alive. Loot the symbol. Send someone up to no damage agro named, he is rooted. When first book activates pull it down to group. After first book is dead, main tank charges up and group follows. At 80% book 2 will activate, second tank or ranger/monk/BL tank book and dps kills book. Continue this till all are dead (the 20% book you can finish off named first if you want). Other option is to mez the books as they activate and kill them after the named is dead.

Clear to the left platerform from port in. kill named. This one knockbacks! (no lev in zone and it's a pretty nasty drop). loot symbol. Tank and group charge up. All need to get near named as soon as possible so the adds dont agro early. Once named is dead loot and all run out the portal.

Looter runs back in after zoning to clear agro to the back platform and turn the 2 symbols in to get the tome.

Turn the tome in to Ao the fourth and a chest will pop and you will recieve a character flag.

Mission 2

Run around, kill mobs break eggs.

Really it is that trivial.

The stonemites have very low Hp.

Kill one egg at a time as failures pop a mob. Eventually whoever is killing the eggs will break the right one and get an item given to them.

turn in egg to Ao the 4th recieve character flag and a chest
Mission 3

"The laboratory"

The person who gets this quest is given an egg!
All but the egg holder wait outside. Egg holder go into Skylance, head into the lab. go to the center table and place the egg on cursor and hit "U" Run to zone and zone out. (If you dont all 3 roamer mobs will agro group on spawn). Group zones in and stays near zone. Puller pulls the 3 roamers. (Note some bards and monks will do this event by doing all the triggers then bring group in only for final boss kill) and group kills them. Roamers are 20 min respawn and will agro group when they repop so watch time.

Putting the egg onto the table gave an emote in red text.
Every time you successfully answer the emote's directions, another lab attendant will spawn. These mobs are kos and will agro the group.
Every time you fail, a zombie mob pops out of the egg and attacks. Also if you fail, you have to start from the begining.
(Thunder's Tip: This mission would have been somewhat hard if not for the wonderful eye of zomm. Get it from your local mage, tinker item, or prayer beads. Make the whole team stay in the center right by the table, one person who has an eye on zomm pops it whenever a emote goes off. use the eye to go press the button on the instrument the emote wants. The eye cant be agroed by anything and your team is out of range of the spawning mobs. rinse and repeat.)

There are 8 emotes and all 8 need to be done correctly and in order.... IE the emotes are given randomly, but all 8 will be given to you and you must complete all 8 with no failures.

Here are the emotes and what instrument they are.
1. From the ether, call out to the spirits willing to aid you in this experiment. -east table-
2. Remove the necrotic portions of the tissue. -north table -
3. A good dose of ethereal goo needs to be applied next. -east podium-
4. Use the Trans-Injector to infuse the essence of magic into the egg. -north podium-
5. Distill the magical spirits into their purest form. -west table-
6. Switch on the Hyper-Manipulator to align the proteins into their proper sequence. -south podium -
7. The Dispenser has the next critical component. -south table -
8. The Gaze-O-Rama should be used to confer the egg with greater sight. -west podium-

This is what each looks like:
Ether - The item which resembles a white contact. It's on a table.
Gaze o Rama - machine that looks like an eyeball
Trans Injector - Machine that looks like a syringe with purple
Remove necrotic - Several tools scattered about on a table.
Distill - Looks like a chem set with a tube contecting one side to
the other, on a table.
Goo - the machine that looks like a melting pot.
Hyper Manipulator - machine that looks like a mechanical hand
Dispenser - looks like a coffee pot with a chute coming out of the
bottom, on a table.

once the 8th emote is handled, a named will pop. redcon to 70, about 1.5-2k hitter.. like all the others that look like him was weak to nukes/dots. beat him down and win! (Thunder's Tip: If you did this using the eye this is the only thing you have to fight, hes not very hard. However, since alot of stuff is still alive be carful fighting him, if he gets too close to and edge you could draw agro from everything you did not kill. I also suggesting looting his drop very quickly incase anything goes wrong.)

RO Quest


1. Talk to Tak'Valnakor @ 6880, -1350 in North Ro. Get task.

2. Go into The Ruins of Takish-Hiz (static) there you will locate Krylin @ -410, -40 inside of a overturned tower. Hail him to open your instance in the Root of Ro.

3. The Root of Ro Instance entrance is to the right of the zone in, along the wall. It is a cave located at: 640, -600 It is HIGH on the wall. Once inside you must collect 5 different tablet items.
-- The first 4 are random on your way to the boss.
-- The Boss is melee, yellow to 70, max hit around 1300, drops the final tablet item.

4. Return the Tablets to Tak'Valnakor in North Ro to recieve mission 2.

-- All other mobs than the ones mentioned above are Dark Blue / White
-- Treants have a abilitiy called Bark Mulch, this is moderate DoT with Snare. MR-200.
-- Wind Models have an 1200 AE DD, which is FR-400 known as Fire Blast.
(Thunder's Tip: No tricks to this mission just kill everything and work your way up to the top, kill the boss.


1. Talk to Tak'Valnakor @ 6880, -1350 in North Ro. Get task.

2. Go to to Queen Tal'Yaliz @ 5950, -2080 in North Ro. She is in a Tower near the Scarb platform. Talking to her ports your group into an instanced version of Ruins of Takish-Hiz.

3. Hunt down 5 Priests. They are dark blue con and hit around 1500. They have *alot* of hitpoints. All other mobs are Lt blue.
-- Priest One: Located at Building with enterance at 100, -960
-- Priest Two: Located at Building with enterance at 260, -460
-- Priest Three: Located at Building with enterance at 130, 100
-- Priests Four and Five are inside the Palace located at: -13, 135

Pathing in the 4 and 5 building is bad, make sure pulls follow you closely or they can run into other rooms and grab friends.

To reach Priest 4: Enter the Palace, clear left. Go down that passage, there is a staircase on your left. Go down the stairs, there is a room to the East. Enter that room. Fouth Priest is in a side room on the left hand side.

To Reach Priest 5: Exit the East room where you just in for Priest 4, ther eis a hallway ahead of you, and Archs on the Left and Right. Priest 5 is on the second floor of the Right Arch.

4. After slaying the 5 Priests the Prince will spawn in the Amptheater area. Appox Loc is 20, -300. Prince hits 1850ish, but not that fast.

He casts Death's Beckon every 60 seconds (single target high powered lifetap) Tank reported it landing for 1800ish. DR - 200.

He also has a AE Curse, which is Curse of Silir. This is a MR -250 check DoT with a trigger. After 30 seconds (and the spell wears off) it fires Curse of Ice Trigger and you take 8000 Damage unresistable. I am not sur ethe number of curse counters as Lucy does not list the exact number - it says unknown calucation.

Thus - it is very important to Resist or Cure (RGC!) the curse as it lands. You can not let it run 30 seconds. (For those Fimilar with Bloodeye and Arch-Magus, similar effect, just its not a DT).

5. After slaying The Prince, talk to Queen Tal'Yaliz in North Ro.

-- Earth Elementals in this mission cast Stupefy, This effect is MR - 200, lowers Wisdom and Int by 150 (thus decreasing the amount of available mana you have) and lowers Endurance by 200 / tick. The effect lasts 2 minutes. It should be able to be removed with Radiant Cure or better.

(Thunder's Tip: This mission can be hard, but stick with it and keep trying. If you have a mage or necro who knows how to pet pull that can be a very good option for some of the priest. If you do choose to use pet pulls be very careful and keep the team away from the crazy necro/mage pet pulling can be pretty crazy here.)


1. Talk to Tak'Valnakor @ 6880, -1350 in North Ro. Get task.

2. Go to to Queen Tal'Yaliz @ 5950, -2080 in North Ro. She is in a Tower near the Scarb platform. The player who talks to her will receive the Queen's Crown. Talking to her ports your group into an instanced version of Ruins of Takish-Hiz.

3. Loot 3 NO DROP items: The Scepter, The Wand and The Signet.
All Trash mobs in this mission are blue unless otherwise noted.

The first chest is located in this building: 100, -960 The chest is on the second floor and guarded by 3 Yellow Con Elves. Loot Sceptre.

The scepter is located in this building: 260, -460 This is in a chest also on the second floor - again guarded by 3 yellow con Elves. Loot: Wand (Thunder's tip: Yes there is an easy way to do this for both the scepter and the wand. You will need a mage with COTH and someone who can DA (sk works best for this but necro could do it too). Have the person with DA climb up the walls and lev ontop of the building the chest is in, there are holes in the roof you can drop down through, you should be able to see the chest. whoever is making the run needs to drop down and quickly /open and loot the chest. At the same time the mage needs to be casting COTH on him. This operation is a trickly one but there is a way to make it a bit easier, if you have someone else who can train the mobs out and FD (monk, nec,sk) before the DA person goes in its much easier.)

The High Priest is in the Temple. Temple Enterance is located at -13, 135

To reach the High Priest clear inside the Temple to the left. Go down that passage. On your left you will see a staircase. Take the Left Staircase. There is a Archway on your Left - this is the one you want.

Inside the room there is a ramp to the second floor. The High Priest is up there. He is guarded by 2 Yellow Con Sand Elf Clerics.

Pull The adds and then the High Priest outside the building.

During the Fight 80/40 percent He calls for help. If you are not at the spawn point, new adds will not agro.

Kill the High Priest and Loot the Signet.

NOTE: You need need to make your way back to the zone in and zone into South Ro.

4. Once in South Ro, zone into the non-instanced verison of Ruins of Takish-Hiz. You need to make your way to the Portal to the Elddar Forest located at 103, -177. It appears as a Sand Storm. You need to enter the Elddar Forest.

5. Once in Elddar Forest make your way to location: 116, -54 (First building on the Left when you zone in).

Have the person who did the looting hand all 4 items to Maryin Tak'Yaliz.

Mission done: you recieve level 70 aura and the flag you need for TOB key

Now you need to do the samples of corruption mission if you have not already.

Saga skins is needed to pull becomming the vessel.

Becomming the vessel is needed to be able to talk to oathmir and pull missions from him.(samples of corruption)

Sample of corruption is needed for the key.

Heres the thing though....If someone in your team has the tower key(aka they have done becomming the vessel) they can pull the mission for the whole team and the whole team can zone in and get credit for the mission.

So you only need the Samples of corruption mission done and don't have to do saga skins to get the tob key. Just need someone whos able to pull the mission get it for your team.

Follow the checklist from here.

Welcome to TOB

Heres a quick rundown of what drops what in TOB:

Banshees : Bard Armour
Archimage/Elementalist : Magician Armour
Firestarter/Spellslinger : Wizard Armour
Dervish : Berserker (these roam around and some are found in the water)
Plants : Druids
Willows/Trees : Rangers
Husks : Warriors
Watchers/Sentinels : Rogues
Enticer/Coercer : Enchanters
Nightmares : Shadowknights
White horses: Paladin (I think)
Bats : Monks
Feralist : Beastlords
SpiritSeekers/Spiritualists : Shamans
Deathcaster/dealer : Necromancer

Might have missed some.

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Theatre of Blood Guide.

Great summary Thunder.

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Quick Question

I have a short question,

According to your writeup only one person needs to do the skins per group?

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Correct, one person whos already done skins should be able to pull the mission "samples of corruption" for a team which is the only part needed for tob key. Also samples of corruption was doable as a raid but i think they changed it to team mission only.

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One more question

One more question, do you actually have to wear that crappy armor while killing those 60 mobs?

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Theatre of Blood Guide.

when we did that thing we did it as a raid and the guy who was wearing the armor never fought, im not sure it can be done as a raid anymore so im not sure to tell you the truth.

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Theatre of Blood Guide.

Skylance 1 seems to be buged, we had a Bone golem and enraged worm agro us last night when we were clear ing historians down at the bottom.

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Theatre of Blood Guide.

Bamorfy when we tried to do Becoming the Vessel our puller got it and had towear the armor. He only wore it when he sat by the tower waiting for that part to be done. At the end he said he would have to put it back on and return to the tower to sit.
We got a late start on a weeknight and ran out of time before we could get all 60 kills. Next time we plan to win it.

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Theatre of Blood Guide.

yes i finally found this post! =)
very nice post Thunder, thank you for the info.

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I edited some of

I edited some of Thundertoads strategies. My edits are geared toward a ranger pulling, fd pullers may have easier ways to do it.

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Hunter Omegga Silvguard
90th Season Champion of Faydark
Forest Stalker of Norrath with 7k+ AA points.
Master Fletcher (300), Master Archer 375+AM3/EQ), Master Tracker (300), Master Forager (250)