Auditions Tonight

Auditions were held in the Demi Plane tonight.  Those who had prepared both their minds and voices gathered in the dining room to assist the Performer.  They faced the bards and those who proved to be well versed prepared for their performance.  We vowed to lend our voices and swords to their cause and avenge the Performer who's rights were being taken from him even in death.  As the performance started a few succumbed to stage fright but as the night went on regained their composure as the show must go on.  It looked at one point as if even the Performer himself was turning on us.  A quick thinking enchantress quickly put his mind to easy and he once again took his place leading the music.  After singing our hearts out the screams of the master could be heard as the spirits of the Minstrel and his troup were released exactly their revenge on the monster that took their lives.  Congratz to everyone on our first Performer win !


well said

It was lots of fun doing this one

Lots O fun!

Lots O fun!

There comes a time you must make a decision. I volunteer to make the decision and Fight!


Thanks keepers for the fun runs this week. Can't wait to see what we can get going next week.