Dragons Dragons Dragons

The Keepers met WTF and bravely prepared for battle.  After we all explained to Grusal what we expected of the dragons we were about to meet we were off.  Transported to not only a far off land but back in time.  To face our past the dragons of yesteryear.  We fought off lava, frost, ice, poison, stun, ancient, freeze, mezz and that was just their breath.  Equiped with gas masks and breath mints the old world dragons were no match for us.  From dragons that no longer exist to a dragon who is trapped in time.  We met with Quarm and seperated him from his heads.  Next we all took a long look into the eye of the storm and Yar'Lir fell at our feet.  Vishimtar may have been to much for the Keepers alone but thanks to WTF he and the three dragons from Relic were no match for our alliance.  We all met to heal our wounds and as time ticked down we stood to face Lethar.  Despite our best efforts all but a single white knight were no match for black beauty.  The knight stood his ground and held his own for longer than anyone could have imagined but eventually even he succumbed to the dragon.

Gratz to all we did fantastic!


Go go Pally Power!


The truth is out there! The truth hurts! But the truth will set you free! So says Mithaniel Marr the Truthbrinbger! All hail the Freeport Knights of Truth!