Keepers First 2.5

In the distance a faint green glow appears.  The light which appears to be floating in mid air is moving slowly closer.  Severely mired in crimson mist a lone Druid appears from the Demi Plane.  A single staff clutched in her hand and the green light is burning at the tip.  The Druid badly worn from the trek but not broken stands proudly next to her staff.  The two appear as if to be leaning on each other stronger for having endured this journey together.  In her other hand you can see a single page.  The words are hard to make out but you know they are powerful.  Slowly but with much strength the Druid approaches.  She hands the man her page and turns to her friend.  The words are simple and strong.  The staff glows bright and then fades.  No visable mark has been left by the spell but the strength of the words will last forever.  Congratulations to Debbieann Dreamweaver Keepers First Epic 2.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank You

WOW Nico you did a Awsome job writting this up, Thank you all for helping make A dream come true


Grats, Deb!!!