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Its raining epic mobs

We started off the night by taking out a 2.0 mob for Fulic, Followed by Plane of Storms 2.0 fight for Bimbolou. We then gathered in RCoD and took out the final 1.5 mob for Wahnil, and finished the night up in RCoD killing 2.0 necro mobs for Turlach, Raysblood, and Kryptmaker. Big Congrats to all who recieved an epic or recieve an epic drop. Oh! and lets not forget a Congrats to all the lucky winners for the 2.0 chest loot. Great Night for all. /cheers!

Ikky 3 Completed

Keepers blew through the zone and took out the final event in Ikky 3. Rogues got the first kill shot, courtesy of Bartershoes. Druids, Shamans, and even the Clerics were called in for a kill shot. WTG guys! Grats to Cador on your new SK blade, and grats to Faremoni on your new dagger!

Drooood Earns Her 1.5 Epic

Yurda, after almost 2 years of slowly picking up pieces has earned her 1.5 Epic! Between a long work schedule, raising a carpet crawler of her own, and keeping a certain pie-flinging rogue out of trouble ALL THE TIME Yurda received her final pieces on wednesday.

Areas that have plagued our little doodad include;

Greenblood fish meat (months for the drop)

Goblin hide and seek (talk about a frustrated little furfoot)

And of course having to put up with the rogue boxing her!

Kanthur Earns Rogue Epic 1.5

Absolutely one of the most expensive and painful epic 1.5 weapons hands down is the Fatestealer dagger.

All trade skills must be skilled up from blacksmithing to baking to poison making. Each of the civilized races demands an item or items of finely crafted make. Along just the beginning of the quest one must fish, forage, camp nasty zones for rare drops and pay extensively out of pocket just to start this daunting mission.

Quarm Falls On First Attempt!!!

/emote Quarm trembles before the might of KOTG....

/emote KOTG has entered the zone...

/emote Quarm begins losing heads...

/emote Quarm begins to hand out loot like an early Christmas Day...

/emote The sound of a tractor is heard firing up in the distance... IT'S FARMING TIME!


This little guild beat down the Avatar of Earth in PoE B Saturday night. After putting a couple elements together in a box...out pops the Quintessence of Elements!
Congratulations you have entered the Plane of Time.

Gratz to everyone able to attend but more fights are on the way to backflag others.

1.5 Epics Continue to Flood in!

I need to get you guys an update but I've been packing out my house to move. Will post all the recent awardees!

** This post is a filler just to let you know I haven't forgotten, I've just been really busy! **


Coirnav Meets the Frozen Foods Section

Avatar of Earth, Xegony, Fennin Ro, and now Coirnav...for those of you not counting Saturday October 21st may very well be the day KotG went Time...

Coirnav Event, once started is a 15 minute timed event which pops everyone out of zone if failed. Kill the Guardian of Coirnav to spawn a named with 25 angry trash mobs....kill and pop a second named with more angry trash and then a third named with more trash....once all are dropped the names repop with lots of angry trash and Coirnav becomes targetable....

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