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Rikkukin the Defender Defeated

We confronted Rikkukin the Defender on the peaks above Stillmoon. Despite our bearing good will, he attacked us and forced us to kill him.

Keldovan, Ture and Warden Hanvar Defeated

Keepers of the Glade defeated 3 of Mata Murams greatest Minions, the Riftseeker Keldovan the Harrier and his Chimera and Ferran pets, Ture the greatest Chimara in Discord and Warden Hanvar and his guards.

Keepers Discover the Final Piece of the Cipher of Texvu

Keepers of the Glade Defeated Noqufiel's Cursecallers and then confronted the Undead Priest of Inktu'ta. Despite trying to confusion us will exploding Mirrior immages, we were able to defeat him and obtain the final piece of the Cipher of Texvu.

Keepers Pass Matta Murums Tests!

Keepers of the Glade passed all of Overlord Matta Murum's Tests and gained access to his Citiadel. Soon we will be rampaging though his Sanctum!

The Corathus Beast Defeated

Twenty two members of the KotG pest removal service engaged and defeated Haru the Corathus Beast in the mines off of Corathus Creep. The beast and several of its offspring were removed.

Mastered Specialization

The Keepers of the Glade compleated another of Overlord Mata Murum's Trials. After a grueling fight agains the Master of Specialization, we managed to defeat him at his own game defeat the 3rd of 6 trials.

Ju'rek's Curse Ended

Continueing to investigate the corruption in the Nest, Keepers of the Glade confronted and defeated one of the most corrupted Dragons, Ju'rek.

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New Riftseekers

Last night, Keepers attempted to banish the Riftseekers from their domain and take all the goodies for themselves. On our way to the throne of King Gelaqua, we were ambushed by Feratha, a deadly feran that offered us two magically enchanted Muramite runes and his frozen eye. Grats. When we got to the throne, we managed to take out three of the King's sons, but we ending up falling against seemingly never-ending ferans. Now that we have learned the twists, we will be back VERY soon to take down the king, and his wife Pyrilonius.

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More epics roll on in!

Another successful night was bestowed upon the Keepers. First, on our way to Nobles' Causeway, we were sidetracked by Durunal the Cursebearer in the Wall of Slaughter. After slaughtering it - pun intended - Xquietstormx earned his 1.5, Redemption - congrats! Hulcror came out of nowhere and caught us off guard, but we did great anyhow. Next was the ranger final fight in RCOD - unfortunately, the dragorn only got about three breaths before it died. Congrats Trailer on your 1.5, the Heartwood Blade! Finally, the night was finished with more epic fights. Grats to all of the winners!

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Tubular Tuesday!

KOTG had many victories tonight, and lots of people walked away with a smile on their face. First up, we once again stopped the drake magi from forming their Circle of Drakes (they don't get it, do they?) Grats Wahnil on your new aug. Then we destroyed the Dark Disciple Master - grats Cueina on your shiny new 1.5, Harmony of the Soul! Finally, we explored the ancient crags of Discord - Vxed - and halted any unholy plans Vuranish Xxuro had - grats Xquietstormx on your epic piece! 

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