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Kangur and Kellak

The giant spider queen Kangur that was plaguing our Wraithguard allies in Valdaholm fell to the keepers this weekend. We also defeated Kellak the Serpant Lord in Vergalid. Completing our first progression raids in TSS.

Shilliskin Rage Leader Slain

Sazlak the Omnipotent's triumph in taking over Sverag the Fortress of Rage was short lived as the Keepers of the Glade defeated him. This completed the access to the Sullun Zek Raid and the first tier of PoR progression. Now we are ready to attempt the second tier: Daosheen the Firstborn, Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek and Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage.

Anastasia the Thought Drinker

Keepers of the Glade deafeted one of the corrupted muses in the Plane of Music on the Island know as the Theater of Blood. Anastasia the Thought drinker tried to steal our thoughts and pelted us with storms of Blood but fell to the might of the Keepers.

Zi-Thuli and Maggotmizer

This Friday, the Keepers of the Glade defeated Zi-Thuli and Maggotmizer for the first time. We also made a respectable attempt at Sisters and learned a bit about the Hatchet event.

The End of the Muramite Invasion

This weekend the Keepers of the Glade Defeated the Leaders of the Muramite Invasion of Norath. We invaded Tacvi and defeated all of Tunat'Muram Cuu Vauax's Lieutenents and then defeated the General of the invasions, Tunat Muram himself. KOTG Complete another Expansion! Overlord Mata Muram and Vishimtar are next along with Demiplane of Blood.

Two, Seven and Nine

Keepers of the Glade faced and Defeated Emperor Dragun's Council. The council Avatar could not defend them against us. Now we make plans to enter Draygun's citadel and defeat him.
Later we confronted and defeated two of the eldest Scrykin, Zomm and Porthio. Now we must face their Eldest Brother, Daosheen.

Dragons and Bazu's

Keepers of the Glade defeated the 3 Dragons in Relic Sat night, Ashenback, Tsikut and Shar`Drahn after beating the Fabled Rumblecrush and Fabled IV. Now we need only confront Porthio the Second Born to gain access to Daosheen the Firstborn tower in Skylance. Later that week we ventured into Sullun Zek's Plane to defeat the Titanothan and Trolgar the Tremendous in the Devestation around her toewr to gain 2 of the 3 Legendary Bezerker bones that will allow us to attune our charms and access her levels of the tower.

Kessdona the Un-Enlightened

If Kessdona were as enlightened as her title claimed, she would have talked to us. Instead KotG were forced to kill her. On our way out Grel Strongborn also stumbled across us and died along with his minions.

Bloodeye Bloodied

After beating us back once, Keepers of the Glade defeated Bloodeye and his 2 Commanders. 2 of 6 Demiplane access raids complete.

Keeper Jail Break, Upper Temple Accessed

Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk tried to imprison the Keepers of the glade but his locks were no match for our skillfull rogues. We broke out and defeated him, obtaining his Signet of Command which controls the teleport golems around Txevu, allowing us to teleport in to the upper temple of Tacvi. We also defeated 3 of Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax's senior officers, Pixtt Xxeric Kex, Pixtt Riel Tavas and Zun`Muram Yihst Vor.

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