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Cesarre Wins the Runtweight Title, Trusik High Priest Job Opening

Keepers of the Glade Ventured in to Txevu last night and Cesarre challenged the Runt to a 1 on 1 match. He quickly defeated the Runt. Not wanting the title to stay in the hands of outsiders the Mastrauq Champion and Ixt Hsek Syat tried to take it away but were stopped by the Keepers.

Saturday Night Inktu'ta clearing

Keepers again was nearly flawless on taking down Noquifiel Saturday. We plowed through with ruthless efficency, taking no prisoners, and refusing to let death be a deterrent to accomplishing our goal. Due to the resounding victory, we will be working on taking a key from Ixt Hsek Syat, if not willingly on her part, then forcefully. This will allow us to access Txevu and destroy other creatures with names that appear to be random collections of letters pulled from a scrabble box this upcoming Saturday.

Friday Night CoA Almost Cleared again (Curse you OMM)

We cleared CoA in record time up to OMM. OMM, being the the stubborn whatever OMM is, refused to die. We will take OMM out soon, meantime, we are doing a great job gearing up our guildies for further progression, making it more likely each week that OMM will die.

Tuesday Inkkiz 4 run

Was a total success. at least 20 people recieved the sliver of the high temple. If all goes well, and all the turn-ins are done before the Saturday raid, we may actually have a full run with almost no Will-In's.

If you cannot see the Members Forum, or the DKP forum

Please post in the thread under "Tech Support", it will be corrected as soon as someone can.

Guild First, CoA cleared to OMM in one night

Friday night was an exceptionally successful night, with Keepers clearing CoA in one night, with the exception of OMM, but soon, yes soon, he will die with his brothers.

Saturday we did Uqua to fiinish backflagging people so we can then do Inktu'ta and complete GoD within weeks.

Now that the server hamster has been fed, and has been running more reliably, we should be more able to catch the keyed mob in GoD that we need while it is up, and then succeed on another expansion.

Full Raids the past two weekends

The past two weekends we had something happen that has been very rare to nonexistent until recently. Full raids. Due to this we had some issues getting people into the raid that has a 54 man(or woman) limit. We are making a plan to ensure Keepers always come first on raid slots, and guests second. We must look out for our own before all others.  

Weekend Accomplishments

Keepers had a good run this weekend, taking out the standard 3 in CoA on friday night, doing an open raid attempt on Ikky4 and Uqua Saturday Afternoon, and taking out Ya'lir, and Shyra Saturday night.

We will try again this Saturday to do the backflagging run on Ikky4 and Uqua in preparation of an Inktu'ta raid Saturday Night. Please try to get KT flagged before then to help with gimpage. There will be runs again this Thursday night at 7:30est.

Recent Achievements, AMV deaded, Hamster Deaded, and information about loot.

Keepers killed AMV wth ease Saturday night, and also successfully killed the bertoxx server hamster causing a server crash because we were going to kill OMM as well(that's my story and i am sticking with it) We had many new recruits and guildies with us on the run, making it a wonderful accomplishment.

We are posting information on how orbs, seals, and other drops are assigned as there was a bit of confusion on this, please look for the information in the forums and read up on the rules before you raid. These do not go with DKP, there is a logical method of granting items.

Yar'lir Down

Keepers finally took down the Storm Dragon Yar'lir. We will continue to target her when people need her teeth. The same night we also had our first guild only win over Zordak Ragefire (Version 2.0) to get Ribbitta here Cleric epic 2.0.

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